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Sho Impact For Goldfish and Other Ornamentals

Sho Impact is especially formulated for Goldfish, Fancy Goldfish and Aquarium Ornamentals. The small 2 mm (less than 1/8") pellets with OPTIMÛN are slow sinking and are nutritionally complete.

"Introducing our NEW 7oz. carton of Sho Impact Goldfish and other aquarium fish food sinking pellets. Sho Impact contains the same beneficial immune facilitating ingredients as Sho Koi Premium food." Also available in 1 lb. container and 50 lb. bulk."

Sho Impact is a scientifically formulated, complete balanced diet and contains all the proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins that your fish will need to grow, stay healthy and show off their colors. No Additional nutrients are required by your fish.

Sho Impact is a superior fish diet, excellent in terms of observable results in growth, overall health, features and color prominence so valued by colorful fish enthusiasts. Furthermore, in properties and nutritional content, Sho Impact is very affordable.


Immune Stimulating Koi Food

Recent testing has also shown OPTIMÛN to be a deterrent to Lernea (anchor worm) and fish lice. In a test of fish that were infested with anchor worm, the group that were fed "IMPACT" were virtually free of this parasite after 150 days, while the control group which was fed a standard diet without OPTIMÛN had no reduction of anchor worm. In Scotland, in a test with salmon heavily infested with fish lice showed that fish fed with a diet including OPTIMÛN for only 9 days, had 31% fewer lice, while the control group showed no change.

There is always a progression of new technologies from human medicine to veterinary medicine, and many other exciting prospects for Koi and other ornamental fish keepers are in this pipeline. The emphasis of these is increasingly on the prevention of diseases by maintaining fish at an optimum level of fitness and health by using the sort of technique described here. "OPTIMÛN" is but a first step in new dietary breakthroughs which will allow your valued Koi and Pond Fish to live longer and healthier lives.

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