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Ingredients & Nutritional Information
Sho Koi Fish Food

Although you may be surprised at some of the ingredients listed, you can be assured that the SHO KOI "IMPACT" formula has been Bio-scientifically assessed to be of the very best nutritional advantage to Koi, Goldfish, Comets and other Pond fish in All Respects. In addition to the proven, safe and effective immunostimulant, OPTIMÛN, below are the most important ingredients in SHO KOI and a short description of their function and benefits.

The Superior Ingredients of SHO KOI Impact with OPTIMÛN additive ...

Anchovy Fish:

Highly consistent in quality and better than the traditional whitefish meal, anchovy provides ALL the essential amino acids and greater digestibility for Koi and pond fish.

Whole Wheat:

This fine-ground pure "meat" of the wheat is an excellent source of carbohydrates which serve as "fueling "foods for your Koi and other Pond fish.

Soy Meal:

Highly nourishing source of vegetable protein and essential amino acids which provides a fine source of energy. Research has shown Soybean meal to be an OUSTANDING plant protein source for Koi and pond fish.


Superior source of carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, and protein. Also serves to enhance pigmentation and external color.

Wheat Germ:

The embryo of the wheat seed, rich in vitamins, especially Vitamin # and Linoleic acid. Linoleic acid is essential in animal nutrition.


A high-nutrient alga, Spirulina Platensis is quickly digested and can be fed at quite low temperatures. It also acts as a "color" food which strengthens and "fixes" the colored areas of your Koi and other pond fish.

Gluten Protein

A highly digestible and valuable plant protein.

Hydrolyzed: Protein Meal

One of our best kept sercrets, this ingredient is a very digestible source of high protein and amino acids and provides an irrestible flavor to SHO KOI "Ultra" and "IMPACT"


Di-calcium phosphate. The best source of calcium and phosphorous for your fish. Calcium is needed in much larger quantities than other minerals for the formation and maintenance of bone. Phosphorous is needed for the all-important task of metabolizing protein, calcium and glucose (sugar). Without it, your fish would exhibit weight loss, abnormal growth and anemia.

Vitamin FD:

Complete source of vitamins for fish health, vitality, energy and resistance to disease. Vitamins facilitate the chemical processes that take placd within the tissue cells of fish, and a lack of them results in a large number of ailments and general lack of health. Included are vitamins: A,C,D,E,K,B1,B2,B6,B12. Choline, Niacin, Biotin and Folic Acid.

Mineral Mix:

All the trace minerals that your Koi and pond fish require, Minerals are needed for rigidity in muscle and sound bone structure.

Fish Oil:

The primary source of fat and essential fatty acids needed for vitality in cell membrane structure and the formation of the insulating layer of fat between the muscle and skin of Koi and other fish. Fat serves your pond fish well as it retains body heat, serves as a shock absorber and is the source of nutrient reserves which tide them over the cold seasons. SHO KOI products contain marine fish oil to provide Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids.

Vitamin C: (Stabilized)

One of the most important vitamins for Koi and pond fish health, and needed in an additional measure. It's functions: Immunity booster, resistance to disease, formation of bone, skin and other connective tissue, wound healing, fights bacterial infection, strengthens walls of capillaries (tiny blood vessels).


A vitamin of the B-Complex found in lecithin. Choline is essential in the metabolism of fat, and in Koi, goldfish, comets and other colorful fish, serves additionally to create rich and vibrant colors.


Added Only to our SHO KOI IMPACT and SHO IMPACT. The thoroughly tested, high efficacy Biogenic Performance Enhancer that will result in better food conversion, better growth, improved health, reduced mortality and an improved immune system in your fish, giving them a TRUE measure of extra protection against sickness and disease. OPTIMÛN also significantly
improves the performance of vacines.

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