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Feeding Instructions and Helpful Hints 

Maintain improved immunity by Feeding IMPACT Daily

In temperate climates, start feeding "IMPACT" when water temperature reaches 50 degrees F. In the SPRING, when fish emerge from their winter rest, feed "IMPACT" exclusively in order to give them stronger resistance to many disease causing organisms that may reside in ponds.

Increase feeding to at least twice per day when water temperature rises and fish are active. Continue feeding your fish Impact until water temp drops to 50 degrees Fahrenheit , then stop feeding. ALWAYS feed fish only what they can consume in a five to ten minute period. DO NOT OVERFEED!

Feeding Time

When your fish are active, it is best to feed them twice per day - once in the morning and once in the late afternoon or early evening. If possible, observe your fish carefully; you will soon discover their feeding habits, even as individuals. It is good to note how much food they consume at each feeding, so you may anticipate, more precisely, just how much they eat in a few minutes.

Balanced Diet

SHO KOI "IMPACT" is a complete balanced diet which contains OPTIMŪN, a high efficacy, completely safe and thoroughly tested BIOGENIC PERFORMANCE ENHANCER which induces an improved immune system, better food conversion, reduced mortality, improved health, and increased performance of vaccines. Also, "IMPACT" has all the proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, fats and proteins that your fish will need to grow, stay healthy, show off their colors and maintain strong immunity. No additional nutrients are required by your Koi and Pond Fish.

Superior Floating Time

Because of the superior floatation of SHO KOI pellets, your fish have plenty of time to locate their food, and all food not consumed is readily removable, preventing any leftovers from settling to the bottom where it could decompose and contribute to cloudy water. In addition, because of the special combination of ingredients , the food is completely digestible, which results in greatly reduced waste products, which in turn contributes to a clear water environment for your fish!

CAUTION: It is strongly advised that you do not collect live foods to give to fish. Such foods, like earthworms, maggots, beetles, ants etc... almost certainly carry potential hazards, such as beetle larvae or unwanted disease bacteria, into the water

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