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What is Optimun

Impact with Optimun

Let Us Tell You How OPTIMÛN Can Stimulate Immune Systems!

OPTIMÛN is defined as a Biogenic Performance Enhancer. It is incorporated in to SHO KOI's IMPACT Ultra premium fish food in proportions that ensure maximum benefit to Koi and Pond Fish. This special diet gives higher daily weight gains, better feed conversion, reduced mortality, improved health and increased protection when used with vaccines. In addition, it enhances the immune system of the fish.

The reason that OPTIMÛN has so many beneficial effects is that it is a rich source of nucleotides, a key component of DNA and RNA, which have a vital role in cell processes. The production of nucleotides by the fish, or any other animal, is a time and energy consuming process. The genetic material of all cells is made of two types of nucleotide and these are either synthesized or taken up in the diet.

As each cell divides, it duplicates its genes so that large quantities of nucleotide are needed. Curiously, those tissues which are closely involved with immunity the kidneys and the white blood cells, are not able to manufacture these molecules by need to import them, usually from the liver. This means that when there is a sudden demand for these cells to multiply, as when disease or an infection occurs, the short-term availability of nucleotides may slow the rate of response to this threat. Since nucleotides can be added and taken up from food, a lot of research has been carried out to see whether nucleotide-rich dietary supplements can help a fish to fight disease.

Overall, the increased health and fitness of fish on these diets is quite marked and since they can be supplied continuously without the fear of overdosing ,many problems which arise with immunopotentiators are avoided.


Fish food with OPTIMÛN promotes optimum and rapid development of the specific cells vital during periods of high reproductive performance, viral and other diseases challenges and that it maintains an efficient digestive tract during high levels of feeding, which results in better food conversion (the more effective uptake of nutrients from the food during digestion).

Increased food conversion results in better growth, better health and more energy. Also, there is less fecal waste, thereby reducing the amount of nitrates entering the water which helps improve water quality. OPTIMÛN also improves the performance of vaccines, providing extra protection against specific water-borne pathogens and diseases such as Aeromonas.

Immune Stimulating Koi Food

Recent testing has also shown OPTIMÛN to be a deterrent to Lernea (anchor worm) and fish lice. In a test of fish that were infested with anchor worm, the group that were fed "IMPACT" were virtually free of this parasite after 150 days, while the control group which was fed a standard diet without OPTIMÛN had no reduction of anchor worm. In Scotland, in a test with salmon heavily infested with fish lice showed that fish fed with a diet including OPTIMÛN for only 9 days, had 31% fewer lice, while the control group showed no change.

There is always a progression of new technologies from human medicine to veterinary medicine, and many other exciting prospects for Koi and other ornamental fish keepers are in this pipeline. The emphasis of these is increasingly on the prevention of diseases by maintaining fish at an optimum level of fitness and health by using the sort of technique described here. "OPTIMÛN" is but a first step in new dietary breakthroughs which will allow your valued Koi and Pond Fish to live longer and healthier lives.

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